An Island of Beauty and Appeal

A beautiful new development that makes Vancouver Island living more attainable than ever.
Lots from $179,900 and Finished, Custom Homes from $399,900

Vancouver Island boasts highly attractive, world-class real estate. Where everyone from first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors can find exactly what they’re looking for. All the conveniences of modern life, ample employment opportunities, active local culture, and an awe-inspiring natural playground… Vancouver Island offers everything you need to thrive, get away from it all, or just live in the moment.

Owning a piece of this coastal paradise is closer to reality than you might think. It’s waiting for you at Shawnigan Heights.

About Shawnigan Heights

Nothing compares to life on Vancouver Island. Canada’s fastest growing community has a lot to brag about, and Shawnigan Heights is the next jewel in its crown. Featuring contemporary and clean design, Shawnigan Heights lets you live in style and comfort while your imagination runs wild in the greenest of backyards.

An Envious Location

The third phase of The Estates at Shawnigan Station, Shawnigan Heights sprawls across 8.6-acres on South Shawnigan Lake Road in Malahat, BC. Perched atop peak elevations, it offers superior valley views of the mountains, rivers, parks, and lakes that make Vancouver Island so enchanting.

Shawnigan Heights is a short 5 minutes away from Shawnigan Lake, a popular destination known for its plentiful opportunities for serenity and adventure. It’s also a 19-minute drive to bustling Langford City Centre, and just 30 minutes to downtown Victoria.

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Meet John – aka ‘Pappy’

I have been involved in the Real Estate business for over 32 years. My experience and time in the business has been incredibly rewarding and as varied. I been involved in Syndications, Developments, being a Landlord, owning Rental Property, buying, owning and selling businesses and many leases. My experience allows me a very unique perspective into The Business of Real Estate. Residential Real Estate is the cornerstone of your wealth and upward mobility. It is critical to be prepared to succeed. "Preparation + Opportunity = Success". I believe in doing the homework in advance so that when the right opportunity presents itself, you are ready to succeed.

Buying a home Is a very intimidating process. There is a lot of emotional energy spent, from the qualification process to the purchase and closing. My team and I, have a great system that allows for a seamless and angst less experience. This all starts with spending the time, in advance, identifying what really matters to YOU, the client. The more time we spend on getting the Negotiables and Non Negotiables figured out, the quicker the rest of the process will move along. My team and I, will then be in the best position to expedite the transaction.

Selling your home? Selling can be equally emotionally challenging. My team and I, want to make sure that we take the time to limit the amount of time your home spends on the market, while maximizing the value. Your time is important and valuable to you and your family. The idea of living in a museum on a daily basis can be exhausting and time consuming. My team and I will make sure we identify the most important things to you and your family and insure we follow the process that maximizes value.